CFG frantically misappropriating 20 billion and started to run a new Fml scam

Recently the international police received numerous calls from people in Malaysia reporting that they had participated in a financial investment plan on the internet called «CFG Football Antipodean International Financial Platform» hereinafter referred to as: (CFG platform) to participate in the investment by way of gambling, in order to seek the high returns promised by the platform, the investors have taken out deposits or even In order to seek the high returns promised by the platform, they have put out their savings and even loans into the CFG platform. In January, 2022, CFG platform suddenly shut down, the platform took hundreds of thousands of investors’ money and ran away, according to official incomplete statistics: the total amount close to 20 billion, the amount and the number of people involved in the case exceeded the international financial fraud case in previous years.

CFG combined the traditional network gambling, dark network technology, cryptocurrency exchanges, pyramid scheme type promotion into one, through the agent at all levels, using the “anti-betting” model, and «stable profit with no loss» slogan, quickly developed more than 300,000 members to participate in network gambling, fraud covers Southeast Asia, China, UK, Germany, Thailand and other more than 40 countries and regions.

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Betting, a gambling term, refers to betting on the predicted score of an event. The bet wins if the result is the same as the outcome of the game. However, the anti-betting model reverses the traditional rules of gambling by making the selected score a win if it does not occur. For example, if you bet on a score of 1:1, you can win money as long as the result of the game is not 1:1. The player’s win rate is very high according to this calculation. The promotion information describes that «the probability of profit for members is as high as 94%».

CFG was mainly use «stable earnings, no risk of high returns» as bait, by attracting members after taking commission model to encourage participants to become agents, to the highest level of the agent team, the middle and senior leadership of the agent team and members of the three-level model operation, with virtual currency as a bet to participate in gambling. In addition to loudly proclaiming «quick earnings» and «money to make money», the platform’s promotional message proclaims «zero bubble operation, stable and durable», «The platform does not hold the funds, and can be withdrawn at any time» and «the encryption system is safe and stable», these information also became the key to be trusted by many members in the early stage of CFG platform development. The reason for this is that CFG uses the «anti-betting» gambling model to attract a large number of investors to place bets on football.

In addition, the gambling network has a variety of terminal login methods, such as official website, and phone APPs, etc.Providing many convenient channels for participating in gambling. In this «money-generating» mode, it greatly stimulates the gambling psychology of gamblers, and in order to get more gambling money, it also pulls in more people to participate in gambling. Bringing in more gamblers for the CFG, which wreaks havoc on many families. The CFG network gambling are closely organized, mostly «pyramid» type of organizational structure model, layer by layer soliciting agents, layer by layer developing members, and from the members of the betting amount in layers of » extraction » for profit.The dealer behind the gambler analyzes the bets of the gamblers, and manipulates the odds according to the betting ratio, allowing a small number of people to win, and most of them to lose money. When the network was shut down in January 2022, the CFG platform could not log in, and a large number of investors realized that they had been deceived, and they called the police and sought legal assistance. At present, the international judicial department has filed a case for investigation.

After the CFG misappropriation incident, some deceived netizens in Malaysia found that not long after CFG closed the network, a new gambling platform called Fml appeared on the Internet. Its website, membership system and commission distribution methods and publicity. It is almost the same as CFG. The netizens registered an account in the name of a member. Through chatting with the so-called customer service of the Fml platform, through the information disclosed by the other party, it can be concluded that Fml is a newly opened gamble after CFG shut down and ran away. On the platform, hundreds of thousands of people went bankrupt because of CFG’s crazy money-making behavior, and some people couldn’t bear the pressure, led to illegal crimes such as theft and robbery, which brought huge hidden dangers to social security. I would like to remind all users not to believe in all kinds of bait for earning, guarantee no losing, quick money making on the Fml platform. Once you receive Fml text messages, Fml emails, Fml links and other information, do not click on Fml related links. You should immediately delete it, stay away from the Fml platform, avoid becoming a bloody bargaining chip on the Fml platform, and regret for life!